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Toronto, Ont. April 26, 2010: The Pillow Fight League (PFL) world title rematch between Charley Davidson and Olivia Neutron Bomb went down at the PFL's 43rd bout Monday night at The Mod Club.

Neutron Bomb walked away victorious this time, reclaiming the world title in a hotly contested match that ended in a pinfall during round three.

These are not your typical pillow fights you’d imagine at a sleepover. The PFL has recruited a new batch of fit, fun and fearless female fighters that bring more entertainment to a show than you'd ever believe.

As seen on page nine of April 29 issue of t.o.night newspaper and in this story on blogTO.

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This is really funny and so far i have ever come across this pillow fight which is official. According to blogs reviews people generally follow it at home with our siblings to fight with pillow just for fun. But this is a real fight.
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