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Toronto, Ont. May 11, 2010: Rock of Ages held its official opening night of the '80s rock 'n' roll musical, playing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, followed by a gala party at the Sheraton Centre ballroom.

Members of the original Broadway cast, including Constantine Maroulis, came up from New York for the Canadian premiere. Also present was Jim Peterik from Survivor and Joel Hoekstra of Night Ranger, whose hits were featured in the rock'n'roll musical.

The Toronto cast stars Yvan Pedneault (We Will Rock You) as Drew and Elicia MacKenzie (The Sound of Music) as Sherrie, and includes David W. Keeley, Aaron Walpole, Cody Scott Lancaster, Angela Teek, Josephine Rose Roberts, Victor A. Young and Peter Deiwick.

Rock of Ages has been extended to September 5, 2010.

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